Food allergies: How to deal with kid’s parties

Dealing with allergies at birthday parties

We have yet another birthday party coming up. I don’t know the parents – or even the child particularly, so we’re instantly on allergy alert. Here’s our list of things to think about when the invite arrives: MyItchyBoy is now six so we’re entering the phase where most parents drop their kids off for a […]

Packing an everyday bag for your allergy child

Our everyday bag for MyItchyBoy

We have a bag for MyItchyBoy that goes everywhere with him.  Over the past few years we’ve learned the essentials we need to keep in there. Ask your local pharmacy if they can sell you a small medicine bottle. Ours charges 30p.  Decant liquid antihistamine into the bottle and label it with your child’s name, […]

Preparing for your child’s Allergy Appointment

Preparing for your child's allergy appointment

How to prepare for your child’s Allergy Appointment Check your appointment letter to see whether there will be any tests done on the day – skin prick or blood test. Also check if and when you need to stop giving any antihistamines before the appointment If there are any tests booked, it’s a good idea […]

Free from biscuits: wheat, dairy and egg free

Free from biscuit recipe

In our house, we call these ‘Grandma biscuits’ as my Mum can’t remember where the recipe came from. As MyItchyBoy grew up my Mum wanted something easy to bake with and for him, so she adapted the recipe to dairy free and then discovered that they were still yummy made with gluten free flour too […]

Handling soft play with an eczema child

Eczema and softplay

If your child suffers from eczema, beware the soft play party invite if you’ve never been before. Soft play places are noisy, full of kids going crazy and lobbing plastic balls at each other and therefore usually one of the last places I want to spend time with my child. They are also not great […]

100% organic cotton socks for school: perfect for eczema

100% Pure Organic Cotton school socks

Socks for school are easy to come by, especially grey ones for boys. The trouble is finding ones with a high cotton content. I did look for 100% cotton before MyItchyBoy started school, but realised early on that they didn’t exist in all my online searches (closest I got was in blue or black) so […]

Eczema: Finally some true respite!

Wrist Jan 2015 after using Dr Aron cream

Since November 2014 we’ve had an amazing breakthrough with MyItchyBoy’s eczema. MyItchyBoy has had eczema for over five years. Not just a little bit, but the kind of eczema that takes over the life of the whole family. The hospital letters refer to it as ‘severe’. In the last two years I don’t think we […]

Dermatology Consultants: 3 things I want you to do

Listen to me I don’t want you to have made up your mind before we sit down. I don’t want you to blindly follow your guidelines. I want you to listen. I want you to listen to how my son is doing, how well we are coping, what the actual issues are. And, I want […]

Christmas 2014 – allergies and eczema

MyItchBoy as a Xmas elf

A bumpy start to the holidays MyItchyBoy missed the last few days of term before the Christmas holidays as he was running a high temperature and was clearly not well. In an attempt to bring the temperature down, I gave him ibruprofen. Now, he’s only had it a couple of times in his little life. […]

Eczema: guilt-ridden, relentless helicoptering!

Hard to relax with eczema kids

There has been much talk over the years of allergy parents being forced to become the much-mocked ‘helicopter’ parent out of necessity and panic over their child. Watching everything your child eats and touches and is given to avoid an allergic reaction is stressful, exhausting. However, to have an allergic child with eczema is a […]